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What do Magical Mornings, Energy Buckets and Coaching have in common? More than you think.

Most people start the day with a groan after hearing their alarm clock. They drag their feet unhappily out of bed, get ready at a snails pace, and then after their first cup of coffee start running around like headless chickens to be on time for their destination. If you're a parent, add a few unhappy groggy children with an attitude problem and some morning traffic, and you have yourself a code Red situation.

That my friends, is what we call to be REACTIVE. But coaches help their clients to be PROACTIVE. That means that whatever life throws at you, you have prepared yourself to be at your best, and your energy and emotions would be under your control, not at the mercy of your external circumstances.

Magical Mornings is something that you can have when you fill your buckets in the morning before the hustle and bustle of the day. You can't fulfill your goals if your energy makes you feel out of alignment. Understandably everyone's schedule is different and you might not be able to use your morning to fill all your buckets. What you can do, is become aware WHEN and HOW you can fill them up so you are not running on empty.

First, I am going to take you on a little mind trip. Your overwhelm, your stress, your never-ending to do lists have one thing in common - ENERGY. Why are you always depleted for things that seem to matter most - quality time with your kids, exercise, healthy meal prep, hobbies, self-care? Because it all comes down to values and priorities. Life coaches such as myself like you to examine your life on what we call the Wheel of Life - where the pie is split in several areas: health, fitness, career, relationships. social life, environment, personal growth. When you are REACTIVE to life's demands, you are just checking off the things that come up and ignore large chunks of your life pie. When you are PROACTIVE, your to do list will be based off your values and goals from your Wheel of Life.

And that's where Magical Mornings and Energy Buckets come in. Throughout the day you will have opportunities to fill the buckets and also deplete them. In my personal experience, the buckets that fill me up are Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. Those are reserved for my Magical Mornings. I use that time to journal, meditate, be grateful, tap on my emotional state, and do some type of exercise (yoga, strength train, cardio). In my Wheel of Life, Health is my greatest wealth and so I prioritize these areas. I basically fill my cup with things that empower me. Or in this case, bucket.

Throughout the day, you will be tested. Your energy will now have to be given out - to your children, partner, clients, work, classes. Focus takes energy. A coach can keep you accountable to make sure that you keep your buckets full and that other people can reply on you to be at your best. Digital Coaching Platforms allow you to find a coach. in any area of life to help you get started and keep you accountable.

Should you wish to help you get started with your Magical Mornings and Energy Buckets, you can find me here on Coach.Me as your text-based coach to help you.

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