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Affirmations for a Positive Weight Loss Mindset

Affirmations encourage self-change when you use them. They act as reminders and inspiration to help you focus on your weight loss goals during your day. The most significant benefit gained from using affirmations is that they focus attention on your goals and promote positive thoughts through a considerable change in your life.

Finding Your Weight Loss Affirmations When you look for a weight loss affirmation, seek out a positive statement about your weight loss process. Always use first person tense when creating a powerful affirmation. Also, apply the statement directly to you and your situation. It should be full of positive, emotional comments about your weight loss and your body.

A strong connection exists between mind-body experiences and words of emotion. So, instead of saying, “I only eat healthy food,” try saying something like “I feel much healthier and happier when I eat healthy food. Weight loss affirmations should also be written in the present tense. Even though you don’t feel a certain way about your weight loss yet, you speak towards a goal.

Examples of Affirmations Here are some weight loss affirmations that can get you started. Please feel free to rewrite these for your body or personal situation. 1. I become a better me when I eat well. 2. I enjoy eating tasty new foods that help me lose weight. 3. I achieve my weight loss goal by eating healthier every day. 4. I am thankful to be able to move and exercise. 5. I feel invigorated after an active workout. 6. Getting in shape helps me feel better about my life. 7. My clothes fit better. 8. My clothes are becoming too big. 9. When I look in the mirror, I observe a new, healthier me. 10. I feel my muscles becoming stronger. 11. I enjoy learning new, healthier recipes. 12. I’m working health and fitness into my everyday life. 13. I’m like a cocoon turning into a butterfly, making positive changes in my life and body. 14. I deserve a healthy body and life. 15. I am giving myself a slim, fit body I deserve. 16. I am worth the effort of eating right and exercising. Try using affirmations in your weight loss journey today. Use these simple, encouraging statements to change the way you think and feel. You can write them daily in your journal, have sticky notes on your mirror, or have reminders in your phone to repeat the affirmations each day.

Saying affirmations may feel strange especially when your conscious mind struggles with saying these new positive words. What you can do, is sandwich these affirmations with things you know are true. For example, "My name is ____ and I am ___ years old. (Now insert affirmation). I feel my muscles becoming stronger. The weather is great outside now to go for a quick walk."

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