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We Must Make Our Own Joy

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Are you looking for more joy in your life? Joy doesn’t just happen. We must make joy in our lives. There is good to be found everywhere if we use our joy to act upon our circumstances, no matter what our circumstances are right now.

Joy is a choice. When you are faced with obstacles in life, you can choose to find joy in the process, whether you win or lose.

Psychologists state that to make our own joy, we need to:

  • Be Grateful for Something Every Day

  • Set Intentions

  • Do What You Love

  • Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

  • Stop Worrying

  • Laugh More

  • Volunteer

  • Be Bold

Be Grateful for Something Every Day

Practicing gratitude isn’t a part-time occupation. To make our own joy, we must learn to be grateful for both the good and the bad things that happen in our lives. When bad things do happen, gratitude sees these challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. Our mistakes and failures can become steppingstones to success if we allow our joy to act throughout our lives.

Set Intentions

How do you start the day? When we are prepared, excited, and accepting of what each day has to offer, we use our joy to navigate through the day. But when we start the day in a lousy mood, disappointed with life, and feeling like a failure, we don’t have the joy to overcome obstacles. Start your day by writing or speaking your intention to make the most of every minute you have.

Do What You Love

No matter what job you do, find something in your work that satisfies and delights you. When we feel productive and useful, we make our own joy at work. Even if some parts of your job seem repetitive or boring, make your own joy by focusing on adding your positive attitude to what you do. Being kind and helpful to your coworkers and greeting everyone with a smile are also ways to make joy at work.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Instead of comparing our lives to other people’s success, we can make our own joy by being grateful for what we have and who we are. Comparison creates resentment and dissatisfaction with life, not joy. When we feel secure and happy with ourselves, circumstances can’t change our joy. Instead, we can use our joy to make our circumstances more enjoyable.

Stop Worrying

We often waste our time and energy worrying instead of making joy in our lives. Worry doesn’t change anything. Worry robs us of joy by keeping us from focusing on the present and the good things happening in our lives. By replacing worry with joy, we take control of our mindset and emotions. We have the choice of reacting to our circumstances or using our joy to learn from them.

Laugh More

According to scientists, laughing relieves stress and boosts our mood. Laughing can help us find the funny, absurd, and joy in any situation. It helps us focus on our shared circumstances and offers support in troubled times. Laughing more releases fear and anxiety and helps us make our own joy.


One of the best ways to make our own joy is to help others. Being a volunteer increases our compassion, kindness, and improves our self-esteem. Knowing that we helped someone else creates joy in our lives. No matter what our circumstances are, when we take the time to help and volunteer, we make our own joy.

Be Bold

Remember, joy doesn’t just happen. By accepting challenges and opportunities with boldness and confidence, we make our own joy. The satisfaction of trying and learning something new is there, regardless of if we succeed or fail. Don’t allow circumstances of failure to take your joy from you. Every challenge is an opportunity to make joy.

When we make our lives joyful, we can use our joy by allowing it to act upon our circumstances. Joyful people don’t see problems. They see possibilities.

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