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The World Outside is Chaotic and Stressful - How to Find Peace and Joy Within Yourself

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

It's difficult to imagine a world more chaotic than the one we live in today. It seems as though it's a never-ending slew of bad news, misinformation, and life just gets harder. Modern living has introduced extra pressure and there is a lot of responsibility that brings insecurity and anxiety. It's difficult to imagine finding peace and joy within yourself when you're swirling around in all that chaos.

You can.

By learning to stay cool, calm, and collected in the most high-pressure, intense moments you will find it easier to identify the silver lining in every situation you find yourself.

No matter the circumstances or the situation, you can stay calm. You're hoeing a tough row right now, but no matter the obstacle you will get there in the end. It's all about learning how to respond efficiently to discover peace.

There are signs when you are approaching breaking point. However, to recognize those signs you have to be prepared to be honest. When you are faced with pressure, stress, negativity, and anxiety, your body sends you signals. It's blaring a warning alarm telling you to slow down and take a break. It might be a painful process, but it's one that is worth it.

If you do not get control of the chaos in your life, you will experience an impacted mental state, poor sleep, a lowered immune function, a decline in your physical health, it will negatively influence friendships, romances, and potentially create a dip in intimacy. Stress and chaos cause us to disconnect from ourselves, physically and mentally, unless we gain control. Let's talk about how!

Remain Calm

When you live amid chaos, it's difficult to find the light at the end of the stretching darkness in the tunnel. However, it might not be apparent, but it is absolutely inevitable. There is always a golden sky at the end of a storm. It takes work to reach the light, but it starts by learning how to remain calm.

One Step Back

Negative situations are adept at sucking us in and making us obsess. When it happens, it becomes easy to allow us to encompass our thoughts and feelings. Humans love self-fulfilling prophecies. You have to avoid this situation by taking one step back. When it all falls apart, you have to slow down and give yourself room to breathe. We often want to respond quickly because life seems to come at us so fast. Take your time and put space between you and the tough stuff.

One Deep Breath

Your breath matters more than you realize. When you're dealing with something difficult and pay attention to your breathing, you will notice it's shallow. It doesn't just keep you alive, breathing can keep you calm and help you find inner peace.

You can use deep breathing in the moment, but it's a practice you can start before bed each evening. It all starts with one deep breath. You will feel calmer and lighter when you practice deep breathing and that is the start of finding inner peace and joy.

One Set Routine

A routine is more than organizing your morning, so you arrive to work on time. It provides security and stability as you map out your day. Let routine be your anchor in a sea of chaos.

One Stress Point

Start by identifying one stress point. We all have unique stressors and identifying them can help you develop the right way to deal with them. For now, it starts with one and from there, you can explore.

Life might be chaotic, but that doesn't mean it has to overwhelm your peace and joy. You can find calm despite the mess swirling outside your window.

To learn more how you can manage stress, your breath, and mindset, enroll in my Mindset Mastery Toolbox mini-course now!

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